As experienced entrepreneurs, we have extensive knowledge in various areas of corporate management and, in particular, understand the challenges of building a company. In addition to general corporate management, our core competencies are in the areas of strategy development, change management, coaching and the creation of business and financial plans. With our cooperating consulting partners, we are a strong team with which we can offer companies a great service.

In addition, our customers can benefit from our longtime experience with Asia. Together with our partners in China, we are able to support companies in all matters related to cooperation with Asia, e.g. setting up a sales office on site, cooperating with local companies, setting up local marketing strategies, finding qualified suppliers and much more.

Our cooperation with Mr. Nicolas Musy from China Integrated has already proven to be very fruitful in this context.

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News – We supply Germany and Switzerland with protective masks and other articles to support hospitals, care institutions and industry. Contact us for further questions

We help companies in the procurement of products. We are supported by a highly qualified team of procurement professionals in Europe and Asia. Our services include not only pure procurement, but also the entire logistics chain, quality assurance and support in payment processes.

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Together with financially strong Chinese companies from the IT, MedTech, BioTech, agricultural and real estate sectors, we support European companies in the expansion of their projects. Our international network of industry, M&A and legal experts, built up over many years, enables us to provide competent support for these processes.

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Dr. Simone Peters, born in 1966, holds an EMBA from the EU Business School and a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Hamburg.

Dr.Peters began her career in 1993 and has worked in several companies as marketing manager, project manager and managing director. In 2005 she successfully built up her own international textile company with a partner.

Since 1996, Dr. Peters has been working closely with China and can rely on a very good and large network in various industries.

In addition to many years of business activity with China, Dr. Peters has extensive entrepreneurial experience in the areas of strategic management, financial management, crisis management and team leadership / management.

She is now using this multifaceted experience and supports companies in various mandates in the areas of corporate development, strategy, procurement and investment

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Sven Oliver Matuschik, born in 1969, has been working on the international procurement side in the textile sector for over 20 years. Sven Oliver Matuschik worked very successfully for 14 years as central buyer and product manager of a large German fashion chain. Since 2014 he has been self-employed and is in charge of various procurement and sales projects of renowned and international brands. At the Ningbo location in China, Sven Matuschik has been able to build up an exceptionally good network with, among others, German partners, which proves to be extremely reliable, especially in the current times of Covid-19.

Furthermore, Sven Matuschik continuously analyzes the changes in the retail sector and develops new marketing concepts accordingly.

Sun Honggang, born in 1977 is holding a Master Degree in Law from Shanghai Maritime University. Mr. Sun is looking back on 17 years of experience working in law companies, out of those 8 years of being partner in international law firms in Shanghai. He has been Partner in Wintell & Co, Jade & Fountain Law Firm, An Jie Law Firm and today is working as partner in Hui Ye Law Firm.

Mr. Suns legal expertise covers the fields of M&A, insurance, maritime, ship building, project financing, letters of credit/bank guarantees as well as foreign investments. Mr Sun has long years’ experience in share transfers and M&A projects. Furthermore Mr. Sun has handled a variety of disputes involving international elements including arbitration, litigation, and negotiation for settlement.

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